10 Buyer types: Who wants to buy your property?

There are many eager people out there currently on the hunt for their dream Gold Coast property. These buyers are looking for everything from small units to expansive properties. Some of them already live on the Gold Coast, while others are interstate or overseas. When developing the strategy around marketing and presenting your property, it’s critical that you – or your selling agent – understand the type of buyer you’re most likely to appeal to, so you can get the best price possible. So, what are the 10 most common types of buyers on the Gold Coast, and more importantly, who wants to buy your property?

Families are looking for the right size house, in the right location to allow them to live comfortably, close to schools and shopping districts as well as public transport. They generally have quite well-defined requirements and if they fall in love with your home they’ll become highly competitive buyers!

Investors follow areas that appeal to families and that otherwise offer desirable lifestyle options and employment opportunities. They’re looking for properties in both up and coming and established neighbourhoods that expect strong rental returns or capital growth.

Investors will often be able to spend more on the right property, and they’re likely to have finance ready. Competing buyers should push up the sale price of your home.

FIFO Workers (fly in, fly out) are looking for a property they can easily lock up and leave. They don’t want to worry about large gardens to maintain, and usually prefer extra security. FIFO workers will generally look for properties in close proximity to key transport options, such as the airport.

Professional couples are looking for properties with a short travel time to work and a place to work comfortably from home. They’re generally after the kind of space that’ll support them to grow a family, keep a family dog and/or host visiting family and friends. They’ll generally have a desire to be close to key amenities such as schools and shops.

Professional couples have strong buying power, making them excellent competition that’ll see you sell your home for the best price possible.

Renovators or builders are looking for a property that hasn’t completely capitalised on its potential value. A common goal for this buyer is to improve the property in a short timeline and re-sell it for a profit. For this type of buyer to be interested in your property, they need to see potential and room for improvement. A renovator or builder won’t get hung up on small imperfections or the current state of the home.

Developers are looking for properties in areas experiencing strong growth – like the southern Gold Coast at present. They’re attracted to areas that will accommodate alternate zoning applications, where more high-density or higher value properties can be built. Developers will be less focused on buying your property and more focused on paying a set figure for your land.

Downsizers are often families or couples who no longer have the need for as much space as their current home. They’re looking for something smaller with lower maintenance requirements.

Downsizers may need to finalise the sale of their existing home before they can purchase yours. But if your property offers the lifestyle they’re looking for, they should otherwise be well-financed and in a position to be competitive when making an offer.

First home buyers are generally eager to get onto the property ladder as soon as possible. They’re highly motivated, and incentivised with government assistance.

First home buyers tend to be looking for properties in close proximity to business districts, shops and other lifestyle amenities. As buyers, they know what they’re looking for, and when they find it, can be competitive with their offers.

International buyers and expatriates are either looking for to get their foot in the Australian property market, or to increase their existing portfolio. Compared with other buyer types, they’re often less picky about suburbs and open to looking at more properties across a wider range of areas. These buyers are usually prepared to pay top dollar for the right property depending on their individual requirements.

Regional buyers tend to be looking to move to more populated towns or cities. These buyers often travel long distances to view properties they’re interested in, and can be very competitive when the right home becomes available. They’re usually happy to modify and work around a property’s current features and generally looking for something that’s easy to maintain and close to shops, beaches, airports and hospitals.

Are you thinking of selling? Do you know what type of buyer your property is most likely to attract?

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